UCI Europe Tour Antwerp Port Epic Antwerp (BE) Sunday September 12th 2021


Schaal Sels is a one-day cycling race that is traditionally planned on the last Sunday of the summer vacation. The race has the 1.1 status and is part of the UCI Europe Tour, the European continental circuit of the UCI. Schaal Sels was organized for the first time on Monday, May 23, 1921. On Sunday, August 25, 2019 the 94rd edition will take place. Rik Van Looy, Herman Van Springel, Edwig Van Hooydonck, Wilfried Peeters, Tom Steels, Steven De Jongh and Niko Eeckhout are renowned winners.

Since the first edition until now, Schaal Sels has undergone a significant evolution. Not only the status of the race changed regularly, but also the course, the start and finish and the broadcasting rights on TV. You can find more about these changes over the years under History.

For many years Schaal Sels has been known for the many cobblestone-kilometers, but since 2015, unpaved roads have also been added to the course. This gives the race a special character and has led to Schaal Sels being named Route of the Year by the American cycling medium VeloNews at the end of 2015. More information about the course can be found on the Parcours page.

This increasing international media attention has led to Schaal Sels being split up in 2018 into Schaal Sels Merksem and Antwerp Port Epic. In this way, further international growth and local character in Merksem do not interfere with each other. Schaal Sels Merksem goes back to its roots, with local rounds in and around Merksem and arrival at the Bredabaan. On "the longest shopping street in Flanders", the Stroboerenmarkt will take place again, so that it will remain a popular party by and for the inhabitants of Merksem.

This year, Schaal Sels Merksem will be part of the Bingoal Cycling Cup, which was first called Napoleon Cycling Cup. This is an overarching classification of 8 Belgian one-day races who are part of the UCI Europe Tour. Schaal Sels Merksem will be broadcast live on Sporza. Eurosport will provide the international airtime.

The organization of the semi-classic race belongs to the Koninklijke Wielrijdersclub van Merksem vzw, under the leadership of chairman Ben Simons